// Who am I

Glenn De Backer

Web developer

It has been almost 16 years ago when I was selected to participate in a Whizzkids project that was led by a former NASA astronaut Dirk Frimout at Flanders Language Valley. A lot has happened since then. I have witnessed and survived the dotcom bubble. Have done so many projects that I've lost count.

I've learned and needed to forget so much stuff. While I'm too old to be still called a whizzkid today, I still have and feel the same passion and love for my work as 15 years ago. The boyish characteristics of experimenting or wanted to know how things work, never disappeared.

// Skills

// Interests

Web technology

HTML, PHP, Javascript, Node.js, Websockets, WebGL, ... I love building stuff for the web.

Machine learning

I like building classifiers for NLP or computer vision related tasks. For offline or the web.

iot & electronics

Arduino, RFID, NFC, Pinball controller,... . I'm not particularly scared of a soldering iron.

Games / Gamification

I sometimes find the time to build small type of games. I'm also a certified gamification consultant.

// Experience

  • Web developer – BitsOfLove

    January 2017 - current

    When I got the chance working for a creative and innovative agency like BOL, I was really thrilled. I can really and honestly say that today I do the things that I love the most. Getting challenged and the possibility of working with exciting (cutting edge) technology!

  • R&D / Web developer – Dx-Solutions

    Feb 2015 - January 2017

    Officially I did R&D but within company hours ended up mostly doing general web development. Personal highlight for me was developing a multiplayer roulette game (including the server architecture) using Phaser.

  • Web developer – Coworks

    2012 - 2014

    Developing Drupal 7 modules: inline edit module, crop module, banner module that uses Google Tag Manager, readit later module including sync, .... Building an Android app for the miljaar! platform. Building single page app (using backbone/underscore) and developed and implemented a REST service which drives the site www.studentensportbrussel.be.

  • Web developer – Naus

    2011 - 2012

    Developing a new Excel importer for an online (KPI tracking) dashboard that was used by some banks and big re-sellers. The initial version one was slow and also unpractical as the user even couldn't close the browser while importing data. Improved it by implementing a queue system and a (java based) service that used an OpenOffice UNO bridge.

    Developed a Microsoft Office addin (.NET/C#) so that users are able to store and edit documents directly on the communitysoft server.

  • Web developer – Frucon

    2005 - 2008

    Converting designs to SEO optimized (XHTML strict) code. Scripting tools in python. Automation of certain image tasks by scripting Photoshop. Developing Flash/PHP apps and banners for companies like Duvel, E5-mode, Capgemini,...

    Working on the release of the complete new E5-mode website that used Umbraco/XSLT as backend. Also wrote an (ASP.net) app so the people of marketing could easily create banners online.

  • Junior developer – Robonetics

    2002 - 2004

    Developing (.NET) UI controls for a software product used in the shipping industry. Maintaining the corporate website. Developed a stock management (.NET/MySQL) program for a company that builds furniture.

  • Junior developer – Creax

    2002 - 2004

    Developing UI controls (OCX/ActiveX) for an in-house developed software product.

  • Junior developer – Lernout & Hauspie

    2002 - 2004

    Building small demo's using the ASR (speech recognition) and TTS (text-to-speech) engines. While I was still in training the company went bankrupt.


// Clients