Glenn De Backer

It has been a couple of years ago when I was selected to participate in a Whizzkids project that was led by a former NASA astronaut Dirk Frimout. A lot has happened since then. I have witnessed and survived the dotcom bubble. Have done so many projects that I've lost count.

I've learned and needed to forget so much stuff. While I'm too old to be still called a whizzkid today, the boyish characteristics of experimenting or wanted to know how things work, never disappeared.

  • Glenn De Backer
  • 14.03.1983
  • 36
  • Roeselare, Belgium
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  • Maker culture & science
  • @glenndebacker
What I do

PHP, Javascript, Node.js, WebGL, ... I love building stuff for the web.

Machine learning

I like building classifiers for NLP or computer vision related tasks. For offline or the web.

Being creative

I do have a bit of a creative tooth. 2D, 3D, making physical things or little games.

IoT / Electronics

Arduino, RFID, NFC, Pinball controller,... . I'm not really scared of a soldering iron...

  • 17


    My current employee where I'm getting challenged and got the possibility of working with exciting (cutting edge) technology!

  • 15


    R&D and general web development in PHP. Also developed a physical multiplayer roulette game that could be played on through a mobile phone.

  • 12


    Developing Drupal modules, building native mobile and single page apps.

  • 11


    Developing an Excel importer for an online (KPI tracking) dashboard that was used by some banks and big commercial companies.

  • 05


    Converting designs to SEO optimized HTML. Creating in-house tools using Python. Developing Flash/PHP apps, games and banners for companies like Duvel, E5-mode, Capgemini,...

  • 02


    Developing (.NET) UI controls for a software product used in the shipping industry. Maintaining the corporate website.

  • 01


    Developing UI controls (OCX/ActiveX) for an in-house developed software product.

  • 99

    Lernout and Hauspie

    Building small demo's using the ASR (speech recognition) and TTS (text-to-speech) engines.

Some clients I worked for
personal projects